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Wire Mesh

Galvanized wire mesh, braided with hinged or fixed knot
and with a variable mesh height. The size of the mesh increases from the bottom edge
of the roll to the top, this provides an economical consumption of materials per square meter and favorably distinguishes such meshes in cost from analogues
(in particular, welded and woven mesh).

The production method provides light weight roll structure
and competitive cost, as well as high strength and durability parameters.
The absence of welding operations minimizes corrosion processes during operation.
Roll mesh for fencing, braided by hinged and fixed knot

Fencing Posts

Metal Z-Profile Posts for the fence mesh
Head posts provide tension to the fence. Installed
at the beginning and at the end of each run of the fence (from 50 to 100 m), at the points of change in the angle of rotation of the fence system.

Intermediate galvanized posts with integrated fasteners are used as supports for tension of any metal fence nets. They are made of high quality steel, have an open
Z-shaped section, this greatly simplifies installation
and increases reliability due to additional stiffening ribs.

Wire Fence Solutions

We are offers a variety of tools and accessories that make building a fence easier for everyone. We can help with brace building, tensioning, splicing, affixing Gripple applications, and trough valves. If there is a specialty tool you need,
our support staff is willing to assist you in finding it.

Our objective is to make your fence building experience
a great one, and to leave you with a product that requires little care once completed. We are here to help with the long term care requirements as well.
Gripple Plus
Tensioning tools and fasteners for wire fences.
Fence Solutions
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